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Our History

In 1872, A.W.Lee pushed his cart around the streets of South Bend, offering his services as a paint and decorating contractor. One customer at a time, one project at a time, A.W slowly built his business- and his reputation- from the ground up.

A Civil War veteran, A.W represented what was best about America- the sheer drive and determination to create something from virtually nothing, to start at the bottom and dream big, to live on hope while striving for success.

In 1908 A.W.'s son C.E.Lee incorporated the business, which by then had become a retail store. In doing so, he helped set the stage for what has become a family heritage.

Nearly a century and a half later we'd like to think that both A.W. and C.E. would be proud to see that the business has survived several economic cycles and decor trends, and, more importantly, has carried their legacy of integrity, honesty and perseverance.

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